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Posted by Carolyn Laidley Arn on

2020 has been quite the ride and a year we will be all happy to have it behind us. Fortunately there is some light at the end of the tunnel with the announcement of at least two vaccines and the promise that all Canadians that want the vaccine will have it by the end of 2021. This year has taught us so much about ourselves, how we live and what we need and don't need.  Sadly, the year has been devestating for many that have lost loved ones, are struggling mentally or financially or have small businesses and are struggling to survive or have lost the fight. 

Our neighborhoods are vital when they have community retailers, restaurants and local shops and services.  It has never been more important to shop local, even if it means on-line ordering, curbside pickup or delivery. Today is Dec 19th and the current shutdown in Toronto has just been extended. It is inconsistent and has placed an unfair advantage to big box retailers who are being opportunistic and stocking their shelves with non-essential holiday and gift items that allow shoppers to fill their gift lists.  In my neighbourhood there is a plaza with both a regular Canadian Tire store and another huge seasonal store dedicated to Christmas decorations, toys and gifts.  Clearly a draw, when i walked by there was a lineup to cash out and many shelves were bare, and it almost made me cry. I've written both Doug Ford and John Tory to apply the same rules to big businesses and small.  Shoppers are out and ignoring the rules, and allowing the larger stores to provide a full product selection will cause irreparable damage to the little guys. 

Please, please, please support bricks and mortar and online small businesses and restaurants in your community and resist the urge to shop in big boxes for Christmas gifts this holiday.  

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