Fit Kit

Our "FIT KIT" masks are a collection of neutral grey masks in five (5) sizes, intended to allow mask wearers to 'try' a couple of our Backyard Studios sizes to find the best fit, since it's impossible to try on a mask prior to purchase. We recognize that throughout the pandemic people have bought masks from numerous sources that don't fit properly, and now more than any other time, it's important to have a well fitting mask that meets or exceeds the current guidelines. A mask should cover your nose, go below your chin, fit snugly and not have gaps.  It should not be touched or adjusted when you wear it. 

The construction and materials are the same as the regular masks (except that newest adult and youth pleated masks with polypropylene no longer have a filter pocket).  Available for a discounted price of $12.50 each, we request you make a minimum purchase of two sizes and limit of one mask per size.  


  1. Adult (pleated)
  2. Youth (pleated)
  3. Child 6-10 (fitted)
  4. Child 2-6 (fitted)
  5. Adult (fitted) *new*































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