Welcome to Backyard Studios a home based business located in midtown Toronto created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic by Carolyn Laidley Arn, a practicing artist, retired interior designer and commercial real estate professional. Carolyn makes each and every mask herself and has made well over 1000 masks. She initially donated to front line workers before selling her masks, and continues to donate.  

Providing high quality masks to family and friends, and the local community has been extremely gratifying for Carolyn. Many have loved the design, quality and extraordinary fabrics she's curated and have found that Backyard Studio masks are their hands down favorite. The positive feedback has been incredible, and the goal is always to continue to make the masks better and better, responding to new information provided by CDC. 

"It's very exciting to take this next step in launching a website that will provide existing and future clients a better way to choose their masks and accessories." says Carolyn

Expect new masks to be introduced on a regular basis. Having developed a serious addiction to working with beautiful quality fabrics throughout this pandemic, Carolyn assures you that there is much more to come!