Spring is here, lets enjoy it!

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It's been a long winter but its really nice to see the sun and the warmer weather. This morning I had my coffee and read the paper in our back garden.  Despite it being cool I had a fluffy blanket covering my feet.  It was actually beautiful, silent except for the sound of the birds and the feel of the sun on my face felt good. In the past year it sometimes feels that nothing has changed and other times everything but I'll admit that pre-Covid-19 I probably wouldn't have embraced the start of the day like this. 

I'm writing this as the kids are home for their delayed spring break. On Monday, the Ontario goverment announced that online learning will begin again next week and schools will be closed indefinitely. My heart goes out to parents, but as a mom of a primary school teacher I'm relieved. Cases have to come down, we need to get control of the variants and more people including teachers and vulnerable front line workers need to be vaccinated. It's exhausting and we see the stress and toll this past year has taken in each others masked faces when we venture out for exercise or to walk the dog.

I am realizing how necessary my holidays on the beach, and real time away from work and daily pressures are.  Last Friday I took a mental health day and really needed it! Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months. Knowing how much we enjoyed the back garden last year, we've decided to do a tune up that will include garden refreshing, painting the deck, new artificial grass and painting our old metal furniture. We are do-it-yourselfers so will do all but the turf install, and I'm going to use the sewing skills I've developed this past year making thousands of masks to recover my outdoor furniture and make some cushions.  The photo shows work in progress, I couldn't wait to get those pretty back cushions filled and outside. 

As vaccinations roll out, it's important to remain vigilent.  According to an article I read this morning, persons with just one vaccination should behave the same as if they don't have a vaccination. And so it continues.  

Now more than ever, its critical to wear a good quality and well fitting mask properly.  To help everyone stock up, I'm offering 20% off sitewide with a purchase of $50 or more.  Over the next week or so I'll be adding some pretty fresh ginghams and florals, as well as some new Back2BayStreet styles.  

Stay safe and keep positive! 


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