Woohoo-Brighter Days Ahead

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May 26, 2021 was a very lucky day for me. I received my second Astra Zeneca vaccine and am fully vaccinated.  It'll take a couple of weeks to be fully effective but wow, does it feel good and is so liberating.  The sun is shining, 65% of Torontonians have their first dose, second doses will start for seniors soon, cases have dropped significantly, there is talk of kids getting back to school and Toronto is preparing for CafeTO, an outdoor program to support restaurants by providing outdoor patio space on sidewalks and parking lanes.  So like so many others, I'm feeling very positive that the other side is in sight. 

But...it will be a while before the vast majority are fully vaccinated, and while we are outside keeping a distance or wearing a mask where you can't is still vital. Having sacrificed so much this past 15 months, we certainly don't want any of the new variants to take hold or take things for granted and go backwards. 

What about masks and am i ready to give my sewing machine a rest?  Not quite yet. I've built up an inventory available in all sizes and will continue to keep stocked as needed.  Backyard Studios masks are great quality, comfortable and well fitting which is most important.  I'm working on a corporate order for 200, for a company that will distribute the custom branded and curated Egyptian cotton masks to employees and clients.

And, most believe we will be wearing masks for a while yet. Anyone with one dose of vaccine should always behave the same as before they were vaccinated.  Masks are likely to be essential in public spaces, inside businesses, transit and events.  Many people are likely to continue to wear them for some time in the future as they've made us feel safe for so long. 

So, I will continue to have you covered with 'beautiful handmade goods', stylish masks made with top quality materials that fit well and are comfortable to wear. 

Admittedly my Backyard Studio is calling, I want to get back to painting and I have a series of small socially distanced art shows planned this summer. My new work is different, optimistic and dreamlike and i can't wait to reveal the new collection, likely at the Riverdale ArtWalk Tent Tour June 18-19. 

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