Fuchsia (Child 6-10)

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This non-medical, non-reversible Olsen style childs mask is constructed of two layers of quality quilting cotton and includes a filter pocket. The mask is sized for a child age 6-10 and it has super soft adjustable ear elastics along with the surface sewn Backyard Studios satin label. (in some cases, the back of the mask or ear elastics could be a different colour)  The label placement helps the child to ensure that it is worn correctly with the label facing out and to the bottom right. Front and back are different to ensure that the mask is not reversed. 

Note: this is a 2 layer cotton mask with a filter pocket.  The most recent recommendation is for a 3 layer mask, with 2 layers of cotton and 1 layer of non-woven polypropylene.  This mask is compliant with the recommendation when a filter, ideally non woven polypropylene is added in the filter pocket. 

Mask should be washed before using and after each use, and hang to dry.  

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