Backyard Studios was established in 2020 by Carolyn Laidley Arn, an artist and commercial real estate professional located in Toronto, Canada that had been practicing in her own 'backyard studio'. When Covid hit in March of 2020, Carolyn felt a need to help in any small way she could. An amateur straight line sewer, she dusted off her old sewing machine and got to work.  Joining a number of online sewing groups that were providing PPE, she began donating through those conduits as well as to front line workers like food delivery and grocery clerks that were often forgotten. With materials like fabric, thread and elastic hard to find, she sought out and established relationships that she continues to support. 

Carolyn's goal is to provide the best made and safest mask possible using high quality materials and the newest recommendations. She has continued to sew and refine the pleated mask style, based on feedback which she encourages.  When something new is tried, she'll gather a group of adult or child 'testers' to make sure it's better than the one before. 

Carolyn continues to make masks as she has built up a large group of clients that insist on wearing only Backyard Studios masks.  Masks are also sold at Blue Crow Gallery, 1610 Gerrard St E, Langton Salon, 201 King St. E and Boutique La Muse, 1610 Bayview Avenue.