Child 6-10 (fitted)

Child 6-10 (fitted)

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Our Child fitted style 3-layer mask has two layers of good quality silky soft Japanese quilting cotton, one layer of non-woven polypropylene, soft adjustable elastics and the Backyard Studios satin tag to help with orientation.  

We are told that the masks are extremely breathable as the fabric and polypropylene is somewhat structured and provides a space in front of the mouth to aid in breathing, rather than fabric that gets sucked in when you take a breath. 

The construction and materials are the same as the regular masks. Available for a discounted price of $12.50 each, we request you make a minimum purchase of two sizes and limit of one mask per size.  


  1. Adult (pleated)
  2. Youth (pleated)
  3. Child 6-10 (fitted)
  4. Child 2-6 (fitted)
  5. Adult (fitted) *new*