Over The Rainbow (Adult)

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Feature fabric is a 100% quilting  cotton from Paintbrush Studio.  The fabric was intended for a spring launch but we all needed a rainbow in February! Back of mask is a pretty pink and it has white ear elastics along with the surface sewn Backyard Studios satin label. (in some cases, the back of the mask or ear elastics could be a different colour)  

Adult sized, handmade non-medical pleated cloth reusable mask. Each mask has 2 layers of good quality cotton, non-fusible polypropylene layer, a filter pocket accessible from the bottom of the mask, nose wire and super soft adjustable ear elastics.  The surface touching the face is a silky soft Japanese quilting cotton.

This product is the adult universal, which is approximately 8" wide x 3" high, expanding to 6" to cover nose and chin. As with any handmade item, sizes will vary slightly. Most adults, both men and women opt for the adult universal size.

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